Audit according to local reporting standards

External revision in a company allows you to get an impartial assessment of its economic and financial standing.

Carrying out the audit helps the company's executives to understand how effective the company's internal control works and receives detailed recommendations on how to improve the performance of the company. Potential investors have a higher trust in a company, if the accounting reports are backed with the auditors' opinion. Furthermore, confirming the credibility of the reporting by an independent auditor improves the company´s image for its business partners and facilitates interaction with banks.

In addition to the mandatory audit services in compliance with the local law, we offer consultancy on the annual statement in compliance with international standards (IFRS) and consultancy related to bookkeeping and taxation reports. We carry out financial auditing in compliance with the local audit legislation and the principles of professional ethics of local auditors. In the course of the audit our clients will receive support on all issues which may arise.

We offer quarterly revisions for our clients being interested in receiving relevant information. The management of the company will receive the results in form of a Management letter. Such an approach allows applying recommendations of the auditor within the current year. The auditors' opinion and the report are submitted to our client after the last revision in the 4th quarter.

Having finished the auditing, we usually meet with the company executives to discuss main problems which may have appeared during the audit. The final consultation may take place with the participation of the Supervisory Board. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the annual audit aims not only to receive the specific figures, but also to bring up any problems and afterwards discuss the ways how to solve them. Our services also include monitoring an inventory check and preparing a written report.

Our German- and English-speaking staff will always be glad to help you with any questions regarding audit and other consulting services. Our services include the monitoring of inventory counts and the subsequent reporting of results.

An external audit of a company provides the opportunity to receive an impartial assessment of its financial and economic situation.
The audit helps executives understand to which extent the company's internal control system is efficient and receive precise recommendations on its improvement.

Audit according to international reporting standards

The fundamental approach for auditing balance sheets, compiled in compliance with IFRS, is to know the legal and economic features of the field in which the company operates. The audit's strategy is based on this knowledge.

The audit of balance sheets, compiled in compliance with IFRS, includes a review of corrections made to the balance sheet structure and the balance sheet recognition as well as a review of the assessment approaches, arising from the reconciliation with the Reporting Standards of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the main focus of the audit, as indicated by the group auditor in accordance with the Reporting package, will be taken into account.

The sole purpose of the Reporting package is to inform the parent company and the group auditor.

The procedure of the audit, the provision of necessary documents and consultations on specific issues will be discussed during a preliminary personal meeting.

Audit of balance sheets in compliance with IFRS and the local reporting standards

Performing audits of both the balance sheet of each company as well as the balance sheet of the whole group we can provide a comprehensive account of the company's/group's economic situation. We will, in both cases, report immediately on particularly important aspects of the audit. The audit elements, identified as the most important by the parent company, will be taken into account.

During the audit we strive to fulfill the commitments taken on beforehand in a timely manner.
Our clients are represented in various sectors of the economy:
— Mining
— Oil and Gas
— Chemicals
— Food
— Engineering and plant construction
— Metal and wood processing
— Construction and production of construction materials
— Commerce and Services
— Energy and similar industries
— Others

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