Services for foreign individuals

OOO "Dr. Voigt & Partner" assists in arranging foreign employment permits for companies and individual work permits for their foreign employees.

The set of services for Moscow and Moscow Region comprises:

  • receiving foreign employment permits for companies
  • receiving individual work permits for foreign employees
  • advisory services on matters relating to the issue of work permits
  • preparation of documents for submission to relevant official authorities
  • courier service
  • consulting regarding foreign individuals taxation (foreign individuals income tax) within the framework of the local legislation and international treaties
  • consulting on filling in the individual income tax declaration form (the 3-NDFL form)
  • representing the client in taxation authorities by power of attorney – submitting tax declarations, defensing, receiving tax notifications, etc.
All services are provided by our employees who continuously cooperate with the client during the term of the service contract.
Our clients are represented in various sectors of the economy:
— Mining
— Oil and Gas
— Chemicals
— Food
— Engineering and plant construction
— Metal and wood processing
— Construction and production of construction materials
— Commerce and Services
— Energy and similar industries
— Others

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