Service for representative offices

In the framework of our accounting services, we will check the compliance of the Client's primary accounting documents with the Russian legislation. We provide consulting and assistance in setting up primary accounting documents, as well as preparing them for you.


  • records of current and foreign currency bank accounts
  • records of cash transactons
  • records of income and costs of a branch office
  • calculation of salaries, relevant taxes and payroll funds
  • records of employee advances
  • records of foreign currency and export transactions
  • records of assets (fixed assets, non-tangibles, materials)
  • records of accruals and deferrals
  • advisory services support for the preparation of primary documents (payment orders, travel documents, representation expenses)
  • settlements with suppliers and buyers
  • settlements with creditors and debtors
  • maintenance of accounting registers
  • preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual accounting reports and submission to the tax authorities
  • preparation of statistical reports and submission to the statistics authorities
  • tax accounting
  • maintenance tax registers
  • calculation of taxes, preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly fiscal accounting and the submission of this accounting to the tax authorities
  • preparation and submission of reports for non-budgetary social security funds
  • HR accounting
  • launch of HR records and related HR document flow
  • preparation of internal regulations, assisting in the maintenance of timesheets, HR records registers, etc.
  • the HR department services may be fully carried out in our company, if the client wishes
  • internal reporting
  • preparation of reports on accounts and costs for the Head Office, in the form required by the clien

Additional Services

  • re-registering at tax authorities and social security funds
  • handling foreign trade contract ID in banks
  • handling insurance certificates for employees who are not registered in the pension funds;
  • handling bank issues: submitting payment documents, receiving bank statements and other correspondences
  • consulting and assisting in concluding commercial contracts
Our clients are represented in various sectors of the economy:
— Mining
— Oil and Gas
— Chemicals
— Food
— Engineering and plant construction
— Metal and wood processing
— Construction and production of construction materials
— Commerce and Services
— Energy and similar industries
— Others

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