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Business Setup in France

France is one of the largest countries in Western Europe, opening a business in it will give you easy access to partners across the European Union. State support for foreign business, no administrative restrictions for it, simplified corporate taxation puts France among the most attractive countries for foreign entrepreneurs.

DVP Audit specialists and our partners are happy to help you analyze your opportunities in the French market and do everything necessary for your success.

Our Team helps:

- understand what business to do in France, where it is more profitable to register a company;
- choose the form of business in France, SARL, EURL-SARL, EURL, SA, SNC that suits your business;
- maintain your accounting records in French - a Russian speaking, German speaking accountant;
- with French tax planning - how to optimize taxes on small, medium sized businesses in France;
- with the search for potential partners, buyers and suppliers in France.