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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation has extended the restriction on the issue of foreign currency

The Bank of Russia has retained the limits on issuing foreign currency to citizens and legal entities until March 9, 2024. It is about withdrawing money from any deposits or accounts in currency in the bank where the deposit or account was opened before March 9, 2022. The withdrawal limit is US$10,000 or the equivalent amount in Euro. The specific foreign currency in question is not a determining factor in this context. The crucial factor is that the citizen has not previously exercised this right. The balance can be received in rubles.

The prohibition on banks imposing fees on citizens for currency withdrawals from their accounts and deposits has been extended. Foreign currency transfers, conducted without the need to open an account and utilizing electronic wallets, continue to be processed and issued in Russian rubles. Resident organizations are still eligible to receive reimbursement for business travel expenses at the established payment rates.

  • U.S. dollars (USD);
  • euro (EUR);
  • pounds sterling (GBP);
  • Japanese yen (JPY).

Non-resident legal entities are not provided with cash in these currencies. There are no restrictions on other currencies. Documents: Information of the Bank of Russia dated September 07, 2023; Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia dated September 06, 2023.