Advice on tax accounting of foreign individuals

Branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Russia prefer to cooperate with foreign citizens. Therefore, often in the staff of such enterprises are not only Russians, but also natives of other states. However, the procedure for hiring an alien differs from that of Russian citizens, and this process imposes certain obligations on the parties to the contract.
In the case of an employer, it is a matter of processing a whole package of documents with accreditation. The requirements vary, nevertheless, depending on the status of the person employed. First, you should find out which employee you want to hire. This may be:
  • A highly qualified foreign specialist
  • A visa foreign worker
  • A visa-free foreign worker
Our company provides the service of tax advice to individuals and provides assistance in the processing of permits to attract foreign employees for employers, as well as work permits for foreign citizens.

The package of services for employers includes:

  • Obtaining permits to employ foreign workforce
  • Individual work permits (a card)
  • Expert advice on obtaining work permits
  • Preparation of a package of documents for submission to official bodies
  • courier services

Individuals may use other services:

  • Tax advice to individuals who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, including issues of taxation of income within Russian legislation and international agreements
  • Consultations on completing the declaration of income of individuals
  • Preparation of income declaration (form No. 3-NDFL)
  • Representation of the customer's interests in the tax authorities on the basis of power of attorney, including filing a declaration to the tax authorities, protection of the declaration and interests of the customer, receipt of tax notifications, etc
  • courier services
All tasks are performed by our employees. They constantly cooperate with the customer on the basis of the contract, so they are well aware of his circumstances, the specifics of employment and status. Our lawyers will help without unnecessary difficulties and worries to get all the permits necessary for work in Russia, as well as to organise tax payments.

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