Starting and maintaining a business in Germany

Starting and maintaining a business in Germany

Business relocation to Germany is a modern trend for those businessmen who want to develop a network of partnerships with foreign counterparties without additional problems and bureaucratic delays.

Opening a company in Germany allows you to:

  • Get a previously unknown market.
  • Make direct financial payments without intermediaries.
  • Improve your business image and investment rating.
  • Simplify the requirements for working in the EU market and cooperating with other foreign partners.
DVP Audit is a company with more than 20 years of experience and a developed network of foreign partners who can help you transfer your business to other countries. Our experienced specialists know Russian and European legislation, which allows us to successfully cope with even the most complex projects.

We offer:

  • Consulting services for business relocation to Germany.
  • Development of investment projects to attract foreign funding.
  • Assistance in registering a company abroad and opening a bank account in a foreign bank.
  • Provision of all turnkey works and legal support for your business in Germany during the first period of work.
  • Assistance in renting an office or obtaining a mortgage loan.

Learn more about relocating your business to Germany by ordering a consultation with our specialist.

DVP Audit provides consulting support and management for several dozen companies around the world to ensure a good income. Small and large companies entrust us with their business projects and investments.
It enables you to reduce expenses on your accounting department

Benefits of working with DVP Audit:

  • We are a team of qualified specialists. Our lawyers and auditors have extensive experience, as well as good knowledge of markets and legislation, which ensures high-quality work in any business area.
  • We analyze the market and business niche before you start working in a new place.
  • High-quality standards. We guarantee stable work in a new place after relocation.
  • Availability of successful cases of business relocation to Germany and other world countries.
  • Comprehensive audit and consulting services.
  • Long consultation period. We do not leave our clients after registering a business in a foreign country, helping them solve urgent and current issues.
We can meet you both in Russia and Germany!

You are most welcome to meet us both in Russia and Germany!

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