Audit in Russia
Auditing for the company in Germany
Audit in Russia
External revision in a company allows you to get an impartial assessment of its economic and financial standing. Carrying out the audit helps the company's executives to understand how effective the company's internal control works and receives detailed recommendations on how to improve the performance of the company.
Mandatory and voluntary audit of LLCs, JSCs and non-profit organizations in accordance with RAS, IFRS and US GAAP (IFRS and US GAAP);
Audit of foreign companies in accordance with the laws of Germany (HGB), Austria (UGB), USA (GAAP / US-GAAP);
Transformation and consolidation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS;
Agreed-upon procedures engagement;
Audit related services: inventories, accounting and tax support.
We audit the organization's accounts in accordance with national audit legislation and the principles of professional ethics of auditors in Russia.

In addition to the audit in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the services offered include the provision of consulting services on issues related to the preparation of the annual balance sheet in accordance with international standards, accounting and tax reporting.

Based on the results of the audit, you will receive not only an auditor's report, but also objective data on the activities of your company, on potential risks and how to avoid them, as well as sufficient confidence in the absence of distortions in financial statements.
Important: We remind that the criteria for statutory audit in 2021 have changed. You can get a free consultation on conducting a statutory audit of an organization.

Audit according to Russian standards (RAS, HB I) and transformation of reporting according to German standards HGB, HB II

Our company specializes in the audit of subsidiaries of German companies in Russia and the transformation of reporting according to German standards (according to the German standards HGB Handelsgesetzbuch).

The transformation is based on making adjustments to the RAS financial statements in such a way that the financial statements comply with the HGB principles. The main difference is in the formation of reserves. The HGB rules prescribe, first of all, a greater number of reserves to be created than in RAS.

International audit

Audit of a company with foreign capital
The review of the balance sheet prepared in accordance with IFRS includes the review of corrections to the grouping of individual items, balance sheet, valuation and currency translation in the balance sheet prepared in accordance with IFRS, in relation to the balance sheet prepared in accordance with RAS.

In addition, the audit sections specified by the concern's auditor in accordance with the Reporting Package will be taken into account.

Consolidation of financial statements

Organizations that are part of the group of companies and carry out their activities under the direction of the company, the concern, are required to prepare consolidated financial statements.

The process of consolidating the reporting indicators of companies includes the consolidation and subsequent synchronization of the financial statements of companies, as well as bringing the various accounting systems to a single policy in accordance with IFRS standards.

In addition to the preparation of the consolidated financial statements, we also perform an audit. Consultations on certain issues that go beyond the scope of the audit are provided seperately - read more.

Audit of balance sheets in compliance with IFRS and the local reporting standards

Performing audits of both the balance sheet of each company as well as the balance sheet of the whole group we can provide a comprehensive account of the company's/group's economic situation. We will, in both cases, report immediately on particularly important aspects of the audit. The audit elements, identified as the most important by the parent company, will be taken into account.
During the audit we strive to fulfill the commitments taken on beforehand in a timely manner.
Our advantages:
We offer the optimal prompt solution to issues arising during the audit;
We plan the audit of financial statements together with you, ensuring the transparency of the process;
We spend more time in high-risk areas that we find during the early stages of verification. Such an audit of financial statements allows you to discuss with you the identified significant problems at the stage of the audit of financial statements, and not its completion;
Our specialists have experience in full support of subsidiaries of foreign companies, from registration of an LLC and a trademark to an audit of an enterprise
Auditing for the company in Germany
As a company specializing in audit, we offer a wide range of services in this area.

DVP Audit accompanies companies with the audit services in almost all sectors. Thanks to our many years of experience in accounting at the national and international levels and in-depth knowledge of various industries, we are developing a suitable strategy based on your needs.

One of the areas of our work is the obligatory final and special audit of companies from a wide range of industries and legal forms, including non-profit organizations and foundations, in accordance with the requirements of commercial law, as well as international standards. Other areas of activity include verification of physical capital and post-founding audits, fiduciary activities and control over the use of funds, preparation of annual financial statements, company valuation and business consultations.

  • Annual Audit / Group Audit
  • Transaction Advisory / Business Valuation
  • Enterprise Management Consulting
  • Other Audit
  • Restructuring / Reorganization
  • Restructuring Plan
  • Funds control
  • Fiduciary activities

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