We integrate services in the field of audit, taxation
and consulting. We offer a wide range of services to businesses
with foreign capital
Audit according to local reporting standards

External revision in a company allows you to get an impartial assessment of its economic and financial standing.

Carrying out the audit helps the company's executives to understand how effective the company's internal control works and receives detailed recommendations on how to improve the performance of the company. Potential investors have a higher trust in a company, if the accounting reports are backed with the auditors' opinion. Furthermore, confirming the credibility of the reporting by an independent auditor improves the company´s image for its business partners and facilitates interaction with banks.

In addition to the mandatory audit services in compliance with the local law, we offer consultancy on the annual statement in compliance with international standards (IFRS) and consultancy related to bookkeeping and taxation reports. We carry out financial auditing in compliance with the local audit legislation and the principles of professional ethics of local auditors. In the course of the audit our clients will receive support on all issues which may arise.

We offer quarterly revisions for our clients being interested in receiving relevant information. The management of the company will receive the results in form of a Management letter. Such an approach allows applying recommendations of the auditor within the current year. The auditors' opinion and the report are submitted to our client after the last revision in the 4th quarter.

Having finished the auditing, we usually meet with the company executives to discuss main problems which may have appeared during the audit. The final consultation may take place with the participation of the Supervisory Board. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the annual audit aims not only to receive the specific figures, but also to bring up any problems and afterwards discuss the ways how to solve them. Our services also include monitoring an inventory check and preparing a written report.

Our German- and English-speaking staff will always be glad to help you with any questions regarding audit and other consulting services. Our services include the monitoring of inventory counts and the subsequent reporting of results.

An external audit of a company provides the opportunity to receive an impartial assessment of its financial and economic situation.
The audit helps executives understand to which extent the company's internal control system is efficient and receive precise recommendations on its improvement.

Audit according to international reporting standards

The fundamental approach for auditing balance sheets, compiled in compliance with IFRS, is to know the legal and economic features of the field in which the company operates. The audit's strategy is based on this knowledge.

The audit of balance sheets, compiled in compliance with IFRS, includes a review of corrections made to the balance sheet structure and the balance sheet recognition as well as a review of the assessment approaches, arising from the reconciliation with the Reporting Standards of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the main focus of the audit, as indicated by the group auditor in accordance with the Reporting package, will be taken into account.

The sole purpose of the Reporting package is to inform the parent company and the group auditor.

The procedure of the audit, the provision of necessary documents and consultations on specific issues will be discussed during a preliminary personal meeting.

Audit of balance sheets in compliance with IFRS and the local reporting standards

Performing audits of both the balance sheet of each company as well as the balance sheet of the whole group we can provide a comprehensive account of the company's/group's economic situation. We will, in both cases, report immediately on particularly important aspects of the audit. The audit elements, identified as the most important by the parent company, will be taken into account.

During the audit we strive to fulfill the commitments taken on beforehand in a timely manner.

Hiring an audit company to carry out your accounting helps you to concentrate on your immediate business activity, reduce your financial risks and minimize your management and financial costs.

Having an audit company doing your accounting, your company will benefit from the following advantages:

  • the audit company is responsible for financial risks, accounting, tax calculation, timely provision of reports and declarations to tax authorities, statistical bodies, and non-budgetary funds
  • the expertise of our staff is a guarantee for high quality accounting reports, which increases confidence among possible partners and investors
  • it enables you to reduce expenses on your accounting department
Consultancy services offered by our company comprise various business aspects.

Group of companies offers its clients professional consultancy in making accounting and taxation reports. We are able to provide you with professional assistance based on our longstanding practice and profound knowledge of legislation. Our leading experts will help you find a most suitable and well-balanced solution to successfully implement your business plans.

Our experts will provide you with professional support in case of controversial issues relating to bookkeeping and tax optimization.

Due Diligence - Due Diligence – a procedure of building detailed opinion about the investment project, including audit of different threats, which can influence the possibility of investment and its price.

As a rule this service is necessary for buying a new business, a part of a business, for takeovers and mergers. Specialists of our company can provide your company with following audit services:

  • Financial Due Diligence – audit of business, which allows to get authentic data about the financial statements of the business, real financial indicators. Furthermore Financial Due Diligence evaluates the truthfulness of financial indicators in the accounts and records and possible financial threats.
  • Tax Due Diligence - tax audit of business, which allows to get truthful data about tax liabilities, status of tax debts and possible tax threats of business.
  • Law Due Diligence – comprehensive examination of legitimacy (legal examination) of accomplished operations, future operations and attached documentation.
  • Operation Due Diligence – examination of outside environment, allowing to get truthful data about external threats for the business and to evaluate the influence of external forces on the business.
In accordance with results of Due Diligence the client will be provided with a report, including the information about all financial, tax and lawful threats and suitable capabilities of minimization or elimination of these. In case of deviations in data, the results of Due Diligence will include a evaluation of financial indicators of data reporting and there real amounts. In conclusion the client will be provided with recommendation about the potential investment project.

Transfer Pricing

Since 2012, based on past experience, we offer services regarding the preparation of necessary documentation on transfer pricing in Russia. We support our clients with regard to risk analysis of the operations at hand as well as the preparation of documents to be submitted to the tax authorities.

Seminars / Trainings

We also hold information events for our clients, in German and Russian language, on current economic issues at our branches in Moscow, Munich and Hamburg.

Preparation of reports In accordance with the requirements of the German Commercial Code HGB
OOO «Dr. Voigt & Partner» holds seminars on preparing financial reporting according to the standards of the German Commercial Code (HGB). The purpose of these seminars is to show the principles of drafting and transforming the financial reporting according to the German Commercial Code in practical examples, as well as improving the skills of chief accountants and financial experts concerning independent preparation and transformation of Russian financial reporting, prepared in accordance with HB I principles, considering the standards of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

This seminar will be handled as an opportunity of mutual dialog and especially to answer the participant's questions.
Transfer pricing
Since 1995 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is the main international legal instrument for regulating the taxation treatment of transfer prices.

On July 18, 2011 the federal law N227-FZ "About modification of separate legal acts of the Russian Federation in connection with enhancement of principles of determination of the prices for the purpose of the taxation" was passed.

The Tax code of the Russian Federation was supplemented by the Section V.1 "Interdependent persons. General provisions on the prices and taxation. Tax control in connection with transactions between interdependent persons. Agreement on pricing."

As of January 1, 2014, transactions between interrelated parties that are executed after January 1, 2014, in which one of the parties is not a tax resident of the Russian Federation, are controlled - even if the amount of the transaction is only one Ruble.

Further Information and detailed Explanations can be found in the letters of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation with the numbers No. 03-01-18/7-135 from October 3, 2012 and No. 03-01-18/1-17 from January 18, 2014.

OOO "Dr. Voigt& Partner Audit" is experienced in providing consultations in the field of transfer pricing. The following services are included:

Analysis of the documentation

The analysis of documentation regarding compliance to the current legislation including regarding the applied method.

Identification and analysis of controlled transactions
Analysis of the primary documentation of completed transactions and the identification of controlled transactions among them.
Separation of transactions into homogeneous groups, for which a standardized documentation will be prepared..

Selection of a pricing method
Justification of the pricing method selected for each group of homogenous transactions.
Research on comparable transactions based on available sources of information sources or transactions completed within the group and their analysis.

Determination of the main characteristics of activity for a person that completed a controlled transaction

We compare and describe the commercial and/or financial conditions of transactions, and perform a functional analysis as well as a correction of financial indicators, if necessary.

Economic analysis

The economic analysis depends on the applied method, but in practice data from the source "spark-interfax" is most commonly used.
  • Establishing a market interval for the net profit margin of comparable transactions
  • Preparation of a working paper for the determination of the net profit margin of controlled (analysed) transactions
An analysis of the risks of the applied pricing method and subsequent consultation on the correction of the group's pricing policy in order to minimize risks.

Consultation on difficult issues regarding the justification of the applied pricing method

  • Pricing in Services and Transactions concerning the purchase of commodities
  • Choice of Pricing Methods and Sources of Information Regarding Visible Trade
  • Pricing in Financial Transactions (Loans and Guarantees)
  • Pricing in Transactions Involving Intangible Assest

Support in preparing the notification of controlled transactions and the documentation for the tax authorities as recommended by the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Finance.
"Controlling" is a modern practice-oriented concept, which purports to foresee and minimize
the risks of management errors. That is why it draws attention of proactively thinking
managers and businesses worldwide. The concept builds upon a systemized management
approach and aims at the successfulness and sustainability of an organizational unit.
We will assist you in setting up an efficient control system in your company, due regard being
had to the local and international statutory requirements. The services we provide include the
development, support and enhancement of management key functions by way of recording,
control, assessment and analysis of the decision-making process, e.g.:
  • Testing the existing management system with a view to external economic environment;
  • Adaptation of the management procedures to changes in the economic conjuncture which require flexibility and quick reaction
  • Elaboration and implementation of business-process plans
  • Timely consultation of client`s managers on all upcoming issues
Be it specifically mentioned that the Russian legislation expressly states the obligation of a
company to organize an internal control system (Sub-clause 1 Clause 19 of the Federal
Statute as of 06.12.2011 № 402-FZ "On bookkeeping" as well as Information of Ministry of Finance № PZ-11/2013)
. The said internal control system is a building block of the overall
controlling of an organization.
Service for representative offices
In the framework of our accounting services, we will check the compliance of the Client's primary accounting documents with the Russian legislation. We provide consulting and assistance in setting up primary accounting documents, as well as preparing them for you.


  • records of current and foreign currency bank accounts
  • records of cash transactons
  • records of income and costs of a branch office
  • calculation of salaries, relevant taxes and payroll funds
  • records of employee advances
  • records of foreign currency and export transactions
  • records of assets (fixed assets, non-tangibles, materials)
  • records of accruals and deferrals
  • advisory services support for the preparation of primary documents (payment orders, travel documents, representation expenses)
  • settlements with suppliers and buyers
  • settlements with creditors and debtors
  • maintenance of accounting registers
  • preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual accounting reports and submission to the tax authorities
  • preparation of statistical reports and submission to the statistics authorities
  • tax accounting
  • maintenance tax registers
  • calculation of taxes, preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly fiscal accounting and the submission of this accounting to the tax authorities
  • preparation and submission of reports for non-budgetary social security funds
  • HR accounting
  • launch of HR records and related HR document flow
  • preparation of internal regulations, assisting in the maintenance of timesheets, HR records registers, etc.
  • the HR department services may be fully carried out in our company, if the client wishes
  • internal reporting
  • preparation of reports on accounts and costs for the Head Office, in the form required by the clien

Additional Services

  • re-registering at tax authorities and social security funds
  • handling foreign trade contract ID in banks
  • handling insurance certificates for employees who are not registered in the pension funds;
  • handling bank issues: submitting payment documents, receiving bank statements and other correspondences
  • consulting and assisting in concluding commercial contracts
Services for foreign individuals
OOO "Dr. Voigt & Partner" assists in arranging foreign employment permits for companies and individual work permits for their foreign employees.

The set of services for Moscow and Moscow Region comprises:

  • receiving foreign employment permits for companies
  • receiving individual work permits for foreign employees
  • advisory services on matters relating to the issue of work permits
  • preparation of documents for submission to relevant official authorities
  • courier service
  • consulting regarding foreign individuals taxation (foreign individuals income tax) within the framework of the local legislation and international treaties
  • consulting on filling in the individual income tax declaration form (the 3-NDFL form)
  • representing the client in taxation authorities by power of attorney – submitting tax declarations, defensing, receiving tax notifications, etc.
All services are provided by our employees who continuously cooperate with the client during the term of the service contract.
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