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Consultancy services offered by our company comprise various business aspects.

Group of companies offers its clients professional consultancy in making accounting and taxation reports. We are able to provide you with professional assistance based on our longstanding practice and profound knowledge of legislation. Our leading experts will help you find a most suitable and well-balanced solution to successfully implement your business plans.

Our experts will provide you with professional support in case of controversial issues relating to bookkeeping and tax optimization.

Due Diligence - Due Diligence – a procedure of building detailed opinion about the investment project, including audit of different threats, which can influence the possibility of investment and its price.

As a rule this service is necessary for buying a new business, a part of a business, for takeovers and mergers. Specialists of our company can provide your company with following audit services:

  • Financial Due Diligence – audit of business, which allows to get authentic data about the financial statements of the business, real financial indicators. Furthermore Financial Due Diligence evaluates the truthfulness of financial indicators in the accounts and records and possible financial threats.
  • Tax Due Diligence - tax audit of business, which allows to get truthful data about tax liabilities, status of tax debts and possible tax threats of business.
  • Law Due Diligence – comprehensive examination of legitimacy (legal examination) of accomplished operations, future operations and attached documentation.
  • Operation Due Diligence – examination of outside environment, allowing to get truthful data about external threats for the business and to evaluate the influence of external forces on the business.
In accordance with results of Due Diligence the client will be provided with a report, including the information about all financial, tax and lawful threats and suitable capabilities of minimization or elimination of these. In case of deviations in data, the results of Due Diligence will include a evaluation of financial indicators of data reporting and there real amounts. In conclusion the client will be provided with recommendation about the potential investment project.

Transfer Pricing

Since 2012, based on past experience, we offer services regarding the preparation of necessary documentation on transfer pricing in Russia. We support our clients with regard to risk analysis of the operations at hand as well as the preparation of documents to be submitted to the tax authorities.

Seminars / Trainings

We also hold information events for our clients, in German and Russian language, on current economic issues at our branches in Moscow, Munich and Hamburg.

Preparation of reports In accordance with the requirements of the German Commercial Code HGB
OOO «Dr. Voigt & Partner» holds seminars on preparing financial reporting according to the standards of the German Commercial Code (HGB). The purpose of these seminars is to show the principles of drafting and transforming the financial reporting according to the German Commercial Code in practical examples, as well as improving the skills of chief accountants and financial experts concerning independent preparation and transformation of Russian financial reporting, prepared in accordance with HB I principles, considering the standards of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

This seminar will be handled as an opportunity of mutual dialog and especially to answer the participant's questions.
Our clients are represented in various sectors of the economy:
— Mining
— Oil and Gas
— Chemicals
— Food
— Engineering and plant construction
— Metal and wood processing
— Construction and production of construction materials
— Commerce and Services
— Energy and similar industries
— Others

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